The Seasoned Woman Speaks, by Dr. Theda Palmer pushes issues concerning mature women out of the envelope and across the table. It’s a bout time for the truth to be told. Aging is good. Aging is normal. Aging is all there is to look forward to in life. Aging should avoid an early death to remain young. Aging is an expectation of healthy women. Aging women are seasoned women. The Seasoned Woman Speaks is pro-aging. The author’s bold love for aging has opened the door to freedom for maturing women. Old stereotypes of clinical and inactive, withering away “little old ladies” of yesterday have been smashed and destroyed, with each turning page of the book. Dr. Theda has taken the time to talk to active women about their lives. Subsequently, she extracted their unique flavors and ingredients, from their wide array of the experiences for the content. Seasoned women know what works in arena of life. She formatted honest experiences that can be used to improve the lives of women across cultures.

The Seasoned Woman Speaks is a mature woman’s user-friendly handbook that will keep her honest about her aging. Just read little tidbits of information and anecdotes from life stories of real women, or read it though all like a novel.

It’s the perfect substantive short read. It also makes the perfect gift for the woman, who thinks, she has read everything.