The Seasoned Woman Speaks
Dr. Theda Palmer
On living graciously

New York, NY (April 2007) In a culture obsessed with beauty and slowing down the aging process, self-published author Dr. Theda Palmer delivers a breath of fresh air to those women over the age of 50. Her quick- witted book, “The Seasoned Woman Speaks” provides insightful information to assist women with growing older gratefully.

Dr. Palmer spent seven years traveling the country and conducting extensive interviews for her book. In “The Seasoned Woman Speaks,” she gives first hand, anecdotal guidance regarding complex issues that women confronts. With over 12 million women who are Baby Boomers in the country today, over the age of 50 there was a broad swath of ground to cover.

Each chapter is dedicated to a specific topic, providing a menu of recipes for the soul. Subjects range from unwanted gray hair in unmentionable places to sound life planning instructions to everything you wanted to know about plastic surgery. Moreover the book helps to ward against negative thinking in regard to aging while offering sustainable jewels of wisdom, and authentic content.

Dr. Theda Palmer is the ultimate Seasoned Woman. Her intention is to infuse an actuate estimation of who the Seasoned Woman is into our culture, and the tide is turning. Where there has traditionally been no space for older woman, we are seeing a new cope of older, wiser and sexier 50 + faces -- Diahann Carroll, Raquel Welsh, and Diane Keaton and the list goes on. Dr. Palmer is jointly raising the awareness levels among the woman themselves and changing perception of the over 50 segment in our society. Long gone are the days of the senior citizen today’s older women are a whole new breed; they are not your average grannies! Dr. Palmer says, “Women over 50 are active, sexual, independent, and relevant, we are living, loving and still learning. We are no longer fading gently into the night as we ages no one is putting us out to pasture.”

This Spring Dr. Palmer will launch a 12-city book and lecture tour along with releasing a Seasoned Woman fashion line.

Dr. Theda Palmer is an accomplished author, life coach, breast cancer survivor and entrepreneur. She has traveled extensively throughout the country conducting seminars, workshops and lectures on women’s issue. She is a practicing life coach that has assisted women in developing a blueprint to overcoming mid-life ennui and social paralysis. The “Seasoned Woman Speaks” was originally released in 2002; however, in the middle of her launch, Dr. Palmer was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a hard-fought battle, she is now living fully and fabulously in New York City and is eager to deliver encouragement to women everywhere. Dr. Palmer is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and lives in Manhattan with husband, Jazz Musician Bill Saxton.

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